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Guitar Tales Across Borders

27 Sept 2023

Titirangi Theater, Auckland

Experience an extraordinary evening of music, culture, and captivating storytelling with 'A Journey of Two Guitarists Crossing Boundaries.' Join us for a mesmerizing fusion of melodies as virtuoso guitarists Ismail Davids and Ricky de Medeiros take the stage. Through intricate guitar performances and captivating narratives, they blend Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, Arabic, and Flamenco rhythms, transporting you on a unique musical odyssey. This isn't just a musical show; it's a theatrical experience that bridges continents and emotions. Witness the power of music and storytelling intertwine as their guitars create a symphony of connection and unity. Get ready to embark on a journey through their musical experiences and explore the cultures of songs that have traveled across the world. Don't miss this remarkable event that transcends boundaries and genres, celebrating the universal language of music.

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